Council Blog 4

Hi Everyone and welcome to another DSU Council Blog! Although a large portion of our meeting on September 27th was held in-camera, there are still lots of important updates. We started our meeting with appointments for Computer Science Representative (Arazoo Hoseyni) and Law (Chelsea Cox) Representatives on council. These positions will be elected in the upcoming bi-election, but these representatives will represent their constituents on council until that time. Speaking of the bi-elections, we also made the appointments for the Elections committee. So stay tuned to hear more about the bi-elections soon! We are also still looking for an LGBTQ2+ representative to sit on the Elections Review Committee, this position has remained open for many meetings now so if you are a member of the LGBTQ2+ and BIPOC communities and are interested in getting involved please reach out to me ( or the DSU Council Chair ( for more information.

Our DSU Vice President of Finance and Operations, Chantal Khoury, also gave her presentation on the auditor’s report of the DSU finances. This report will be released publicly once the final version has been made, but essentially went over the audit of the DSU’s finances that showed the DSU is a not for profit organization, funded by students and the operations of the Student Union Building. The auditors were CPAs from PricewaterhouseCoopers. Any questions regarding the audit can be brought forward to the Vice President Finance and Operations, Chantal Khoury (

At our previous council meeting councillor Mary MacDonald (Students with a Disability Community Representative) brought forward a motion to recall the DSU Vice President Academic and External, Masuma Khan. This motion was brought forward in response to a post from Masuma’s personal facebook account regarding a post relating to the Canada Day motion from the NS Young Conservatives facebook page. The motion itself and list of reasons will be made available on the DSU website once the minutes from council are approved. Masuma’s lawyer, Nasha Nijhawan, spoke on Masuma’s behalf and provided written materials that will be made available on the DSU website with the council minutes. The materials referenced white fragility and the rights of leaders in Masuma’s position. Nasha Nijhawan also noted that a bylaw referenced in Mary MacDonald’s motion states that Councillors shall “Act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the Union in respect of matters for which the Council has the authority to act” (Bylaw 4.4 ). Nijhawan explained that this bylaw does not give council the authority to create a code of conduct to evaluate the private lives of councilors, rather, that decision must rely with the student body when it comes time for the next round of elections. Essentially, the argument was that it would be unlawful for council to take disciplinary action on Masuma. If you are interested in the details of these submissions, please watch the livestream ( of our public session meeting. The remainder of the discussion was in-camera, but ultimately the motion failed and Masuma was not recalled.

I hope to see some Science Students at the DSU AGM tomorrow (Wednesday, October 11th) outside the Grawood in the Student Union Building at 5:30pm! If you have any question about the DSU in general or DSU council, please email me with any questions at all at


Disclaimer: These are my personal accounts from council meetings, if you would like to see and listen to the full open session meeting, see our livestream ( available on the DSU YouTube account.


Katie MacLellan

DSU Science Rep