The Frustrations of First Year!

Dear First Year Science Students,

I hope your first few months at Dalhousie University have lived up to your expectations. So far, many of you have been through O-week, gotten to know your residence neighbors, and the big one… started your classes. Odds are most of you have also already written one, if not many midterms. First year chemistry, phycology, biology, statistics, calculus, physics… the list goes on. I remember how it felt to walk into the first one not knowing what to expect. Can you believe that you are already half way done with your first semester of first year? Time flies by, and it continues to do so as you progress through your undergraduate degree. With that said, remember that right now, in your first-year chemistry, biology, etc. class, you are building a foundation for your future. Whether you want to be a research scientist, doctor, or meteorologist, the information you learn now will allow to be a better communicator and more knowledgeable citizen. Science isn’t just about sitting in front of a computer writing your thesis alone or the dozens of Friday nights you put in, just you and the rats in your lab. You are impacting future government policies, and school curricula, as a generation of informed citizens.

Although right now if feels like an uphill battle of, “I just need to get through this week”, keep on attending classes, handing in your assignments, and studying for those midterms. Although it doesn’t feel like much right now, the foundation you build in your classes will support you in your studies and future career.