Council Blog 6

November 1st

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog, this time I will be catching you up on what has happened at our November 1st council meeting.

So on November 1st, we had the appointment open once again for the LGBTQ+ Representative on the Elections Review Committee, this position has been open for several months now. The committee was created in April to examine the DSU Elections process in our last election, particularly to research oppressive practices of the elections process. All members of this committee must be BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Persons of Colour). If you or any student you know would be interested and meet the qualifications for the position please contact the DSU Council Chair (  Other appointments included councillor appointments of Rhys MacDonald (Faculty of Graduate Students Representative) to the Budget and Finance Committee, and Chelsea Cox (Faculty of Law Representative) to the Student Life Committee.

At this meeting an amendment to the Ethical Investment Policy was put forward that would create an Ethical Investment sub-committee under the Budget and Finance Committee, and report on the investments of the union. This committee could make suggestions for changes in investments that would have to go through council. There was a suggestion that the councillor (Yazan Khader, Faculty of Engineering Representative) that moved this motion forward on behalf of the Budget and Finance committee had a conflict of interest as they currently sat on the Budget and Finance Committee and would sit on the Ethical Investment Committee, however this councillor did not sit on the Ethical Investment Committee as it was not yet formed, and they have since resigned from the Budget and Finance Committee. I voted in favour of the new Ethical Investment Policy which can be viewed here, and the amended policy passed.

Another motion that passed at the November 1st meeting was a statement of support for councillors Kati George-Jim (Board of Governors Representative) and Masuma Khan (DSU VP Academic and External). The letter which you can read here is signed by the DSU executives and includes a statement of support for Masuma and Kati who have both experienced systemic racism from the institution of Dalhousie University. The document also includes a list of recommendations for the University to address systemic racism within the institution. There was a somewhat lengthy discussion on this motion I encourage you to watch it here if you are interested in the details of this discussion. I voted in favour of this motion, if you have any questions about this motion or any motions feel free to contact me at

Council also reviewed the proposed schedule for the 2018 Annual General Elections, we found that the proposed timeline for 16 days (March 12th-27th) of campaigning was too long for students especially close to exam season, so with that feedback and a few other suggestions the Elections Committee will review and come up with a new timeline proposal. If you have any feedback or questions about council do not hesitate to contact me at Our final council meeting of the term is on December 6th at 6 pm in SUB Council Chambers and is open to the public.

Disclaimer: These are my personal accounts from council meetings, if you would like to see and listen to the full open session meeting, see our livestream  available on the DSU YouTube account.

Katie MacLellan

DSU Science Rep