DSU Council Blog 1

July 19th 2017


Hey everyone! Welcome to my first ever DSU Council Blog!


Council started off with a land acknowledgement and an equity statement from the DSU. The Typographical Union motion was taken off the agenda. This motion (presented and altered during our last council meeting) originally proposed making a solidarity statement with the Typographical Union members (currently on strike from the Chronicle Herald) and providing some financial support to the cause. At the last council meeting we voted to omit the financial component. Since our last council meeting, the provincial government has decided to step in to mediate the path forward for these employees, and the motion was withdrawn.


There were a number of appointments this week at council. The Indigenous Students Representative, Ali Barnaby, was appointed to council. She was selected by the Indigenous Students Collective to be their representative. The Agricultural Campus Representative, Kamryn Findlay was also appointed. We then moved onto committee appointments and I’m happy to welcome Aaron Prosper (a Medical Science student) to the Elections Review Committee as the Indigenous Representative and Emma Power (a Chemistry student) to the Executive Review Committee as our non-councillor member. Chad LeClair (Medicine Rep) and Katie Douglas (Women’s Rep, and a Neuroscience student) were also appointed to the Executive Review committee. It’s nice to see so many science students getting involved in these committees!


We then talked about the Canada Day Motion, which as some of you may know, was brought forward and voted on at the last council meeting. Since this motion was brought forward and voted on in the same meeting and proposed a change to DSU policy, it did not follow the correct procedure and needed to be voted on again. We had a really great debate about the merits and deficiencies of this motion and Cory Larsen (DSU VPSL) brought forward a proposed amendment to the motion that changed the motion to aim to offer alternative Canada 150 programming in consultation with marginalized groups on campus rather than abstaining from the occasion completely. Please see both the original and amended texts here. We had a good debate about the amended version, and these changes were voted on and approved by council. Before voting on the altered motion we had further discussions. I highly encourage you to watch this portion of the council meeting for yourself because there were excellent points made by councillors and the members in the gallery on both sides that I cannot do justice to here. In the end, I voted for the amended version of the motion because it seemed to be in line with the feedback I had heard from the science students who had reached out to me, and it seemed to be in line with the wishes of DISC (the Dalhousie Indigenous Students Collective). In the end this motion passed. If you have any feedback or questions for me in regards to this or other motions, feel free to contact me anytime (kmaclellan@dal.ca)!


Before next council meeting feel free to reach out to me with any feedback for President Dr. Florizone as he seeks another term as president, and if you have anything you would like to see from our Dalhousie Board of Governors. I also have proposed a motion for council that you can see here. We will also be appointing an LGBTQ2+ Rep and Accessibility Rep (both must be BIPOC students) at our next meeting so stay tuned for that!


Disclaimer: These are my personal accounts from council meetings, if you would like to see and listen to the full meeting, see our live stream available on the DSU YouTube account.