DSU Council Blog 7 & 8

Hey everyone! Welcome back to DSU Council Blogs! My resolution this year is to keep up with these blogs so those of you following can stay relatively up to date with what’s happening at the DSU.

January 10th, 2018

 At our January 10th meeting we had two committee appointments. Arazoo Hoseyni (Computer Science Representative) was appointed to the Accessibility Fund Committee. This committee distributes grants to applicants with disabilities to allow them to address accessibility associated costs. We also had the appointment of Liam Finnegan (an Economics student) to the Budget and Finance committee. It’s always great to see science students getting involved in these committees!

January 24th, 2018

At our January 24th meeting, we had a very full agenda. We heard a presentation from DSAS (Dalhousie Student Advocacy Services). This is an incredible services provided primarily by volunteer law students that provide support to students with academic offenses, or who are facing discrimination or harassment at Dalhousie. I recommend checking out DSAS on the DSU website found here, it’s an awesome service to be aware of!

We also heard a motion that proposed congratulating President Florizone (full text available in the agenda, here). Although I did see the merit of this motion, ultimately with discussion I had to agree that there were many instances of President Florizone’s actions not aligning very well with the needs and desires of the student population, for example when the University failed to provide adequate funding for the Survivor Support Phone Line. As well, the point was made that supporting a member of the University Administration when there have been discussions of a Faculty strike may give the wrong idea about where the Student Union’s allegiances lie.

A motion was also put forward to take a stance on the state of tuition costs and budget cuts and the potential faculty strike. It was mentioned that the DSU take a stance against any tuition increases and that the DSU work to support the Dalhousie Faculty Association’s “demand for adequate faculty funding, lower workload, and improved comparability”. A divided and revised version of this motion was passed by council, and a notice of motion was given for a proposed DSU policy. The full text of which can be found here

It was a very eventful meeting so feel free to check out the video recording on YouTube . Also if you are interested in running for the DSU Executive or Council, nominations open February 9th and a full timeline is available online . If you have any questions about the positions (including Science Representative), elections in general, or council let me know at kmaclellan@dal.ca.

Disclaimer: These are my personal accounts from council meetings, if you would like to see and listen to the full open session meeting, see our livestreams available on the DSU YouTube account.

Katie MacLellan

DSU Science Rep