DSU 2018 September Updates

Hello everyone!

My name is Sandra and I am your Science Representative for this year. I am a 3rd year student and I am doing a double major in Neuroscience and Political Science. I use she and her pronouns, and I am from the lovely island of PEI. I am super stoked in getting the opportunity to bring your student voices and concerns to light and keep you folks in the loop of things happening with the DSU.

The first month has flew by and here are the monthly updates from September:

Important upcoming events:

  • Annual student-and-board mixer at the Grawood at 5:45pm on Oct. 16th (Tuesday). The purpose of the mixer is for students and board members to interact in a cooperative manner. Food will likely be covered but drinks will not be.

  • DSU AGM @ 6pm on Nov. 7th. Join me and share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas. Space will be confirmed later on the month.

DSU Council Meetings - Sept 12th / Sept 26th

  • Councillors were appointed to various DSU sub-committees, such as the Society Review Committee, Student Life Committee, Bylaw and Policy Review Committee, Offices Steering Committee, and External Committee.

    • I have joined the Student Life Committee 😊

  • Looking for non-councillors to be on Bylaw Policy and Review Committee, Society Review Committee, and Student Life Committee. If you are interested come to the meeting on Oct. 17th (Council Chambers @ 6pm).

  • Chris Abraham appointed as the DSU Chair and Julia Guk appointed as the Recording-Secretary. Applications are now closed for the Chief Returning Officer position and interviews are in process, so stay tuned to find out who it will be.

  • The Minimum Wage Motion was proposed, and it passed

    • This motion is to allow the DSU to support campaigns that seek to raise minimum wage to a living wage, and to support in such campaigns. It also addresses how the VPFO will be tasked with finding strategies for DSU to provide $15 per hour to its employees.

  • Aaron Prosper (DSU President) meeting with the Presidential Search Committee

    • Looking for student input to what qualities you would want to see in the Dalhousie’s 12th President and Vice-Chancellor. Feel free to email me with your feedback at Sandra.sunil@dal.ca

  • Chantal Khoury (DSU VP of Finance and Operations) did a presentation (here) on the audited financial statements.

    • The auditors were CPAs from PricewaterhouseCoopers opinion.

    • Once the final edits are made, the document will be available to the students via the DSU website.

  • Senate Updates by Masuma Khan (DSU VP of Academic and External)

    • Flagged academic issues to the senate; such as how outdated dal online is, concerns of graduate students not being taken or rejected by a supervisor, systemic gaps with student accommodation needs, especially with note taking needs.

    • If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Masuma Khan at dsuvped@dal.ca

Policies and Amendments made:

  • Bylaw Amendment 9 passed

    • This allows elected representatives from the faculties to sit on the DSU Council.

  • Communication Policy passed

    • “This policy serves to establish the authorities and parameters with which the Union will carry out its communications, ensuring a consistent, clear and professional presentation of information.”

  • Consultation Policy passed

    • “This policy outlines the Union’s responsibility to appropriately consult relevant stakeholder groups when looking to propose or revisit a stance of the Union, policy, bylaw, service, or structural development from within it.”

  • Oversight Committee and Bylaw Amendment 6.9

    • Amendment 6.9 is to create an oversight committee, which has been “developed to ensure accountability and efficient outcomes for those positions receiving honoraria as well as Executive Officers of the Union.”

  • Bylaw 11.2 Amendment

    • Proposed amendments from Council, which include parameters and rules for proposing amendments, bringing it to the DSU AGM, and consequences of the proposed amendments if quorum is not met.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me in person or via email at Sandra.sunil@dal.ca.

Thanks a bunch for reading till the end! 😊

Sandra Sunil

DSU Science Rep