DSU Council Blog 9

*Hi folks, sorry this is going up so late. Most of the info here is a outdated now (check out election results here), but scroll to the bottom for some general council news -Tora

March 7th 2018

Hey everyone!

The DSU Council has met the past 4 weeks (in a row) so there is a lot to catch up on!


As you hopefully have heard, DSU elections are well underway! While unfortunately no one is running for Science Representative (more details to come on what this will mean for DSS soon), there are many candidates running this year for executive positions and other council seats. Be sure to check out their platform points here or take a look on social media under the hashtag #dsuvotes. I also highly recommend checking out the debates, available here . I think this is going to be a very important year for DSU elections so be sure to get informed and vote online March 12th-13th through your Dal e-mail.


DSU Special General Meeting

On March 29th, 2018 at 6pm the DSU will be having a Special General Meeting in order to review and consider the proposed amendments to the DSU bylaws. I highly recommend attending this meeting as we need 1% of the DSU membership present to achieve quorum and it is a great way to have a voice within your student union and learn more about our proposed bylaw changes. The proposed bylaws are available here.

DSU Council News

At our last meeting, on March 7th we voted on and passed an endorsement on DASSS’s Rick Mehta motion and approved the Survivor Support Centre mission, vision, mandate and tag lines which can be found with council documents here along with other documents and previous meeting minutes. As always, our meetings can be viewed on our YouTube channel, here.

Thank you and don’t forget to vote March 12th-13th!

Katie MacLellan

DSU Science Rep