DSU Council Blog 3

Welcome to another DSU Council Blog! On September 13th the DSU Council met, some of the highlights were senate ratifications and appointments, committee appointments, and passing two motions.

As you may know, several societies (DSS included) put forward a representative to sit on the Dalhousie Senate as one of the 11 student representatives. At the DSU council meeting we ratified these positions. Vibhu Bhargava (a Neuroscience student) was ratified as our Science Representative. Other representatives ratified were Aaron Prosper (Indigenous Students Representative; Neuroscience student), and Chris Weiczorek (Arts Representative). We also appointed Lisa Hackett (Medical Science student) as the Women’s Representative, and Jad Sinno as the Graduate Students Representative. Once again we had lots of participation from science students, so that is awesome! These senators will sit on the Senate with Masuma Khan (DSU President Academic and External) and Amina Abawajy (DSU President) to represent student voices at Senate and Senate committee meetings.

We also heard a presentation from the DSU Executive outlining their goals for this academic year. Some notable goals mentioned were acquiring an accessible Tiger Patrol van so that this service can be available to students regardless of physical ability. They also talked about providing a wellness guide road map to simplify access to wellness services from the DSU and the University. The Survivor Support Centre was another big goal for the executive this year as this service gets started this fall. They would also like mandate Anti-Oppression training for levied and faculty level societies. I’m really excited to see how these goals unfold throughout this school year!

We had another appointment to the Elections Review Committee, another science student, Nadia Perry, was appointed as the accessibility representative, so congratulations to Nadia! The LGBTQ2+ position on this committee is still available if any students are interested in getting involved in this, they can contact me (kmaclellan@dal.ca). We also elected Katie Douglas (Women Students Community Representative; Neuroscience student), Mary MacDonald (Students with Disabilities Community Representative), Nadia Perry (a Biology Student) and Ashley Barr to the Student Accessibility Fund committee.

The council also voted on the Policy Development and Review Policy which aims to ensure that policies that are brought forward are reviewed first by the Bylaw and Policy Review committee to make sure that we are bringing forward good, high quality policies to council. There was the point brought up that this may discourage new policies being brought forward. I think this was a valid point; however, as I believe that careful consideration is important when adding and altering policy, I supported this motion and this motion passed in council.

We also looked at the Equity Motion, an amendment to this motion was proposed, and more  alterations were proposed in council. These changes are indicated in blue here. These changes passed and mean that the DSU will advise and instruct when possible that societies do not hold events in the University Club, as this location is not currently accessible to all students.

If you have any questions about this meeting, or DSU Council in general, please feel free to contact me at kmaclellan@dal.ca. All council related documents can be found online here. Our next meeting is on September 27th at 6:00pm in SUB Council Chambers and I encourage you all to come to our AGM on October 11th at 5pm in the SUB Atrium.

Disclaimer: These are my personal accounts from council meetings, if you would like to see and listen to the full open session meeting, see our livestream available on the DSU YouTube account.

Katie MacLellan

DSU Science Rep