After spending last year discovering the ins and outs of student politics as the science rep to the DSU, Shauna returns to the DSS this year as our director in chief. Originally from Calgary, Shauna came to Dal in order to explore another part of the country, while still remaining close to family. As a neuroscience major hoping to become a research journalist, Shauna puts in a lot of time at the library – she endorses the CHEB as an excellent study space (and recommends her favorite study snack of chickpeas!). Her goal for her term as DSS president is to increase the feeling of community within the science faculty. On that note, if you have any questions regarding the science society, or about your path while here at Dalhousie, please feel free to contact Shauna at

Mike Photo.jpg

Mike o'leary - VICE PRESIDENT

After his success last year as the Director of Marketing, Mike is taking on more responsibility this year as he transitions to Vice President. His goal in this new role is to increase the visibility of the DSS and to encourage more students to participate in the society. Born and raised in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Mike came to Dal to study medical sciences because he was drawn to the potential of science to help solve problems and improve quality of life. Besides school and the DSS, Mike enjoys canoeing/kayaking, working at the Ronald McDonald House and hanging out with his Mini Labradoodle, Chester, as well as his Podenco, Stella. If you have any questions for Mike, especially regarding advocacy issues, please email him at


Raphieal newbold - Vice president of Finance

Raphieal is a fourth year biology major. Nassau, Bahamas is home for him and he was drawn to both the atmosphere and the strong science programs offered here at Dal. His love for science is rooted in the expansive nature of the discipline. As he put it, “You never stop learning with science because there are always new ideas, new methods and new concepts being discovered.” During his time as treasurer, Raphieal is hoping to help improve the connections between the Finance & Grants committee and other areas of the DSS. Raphieal can be reached via email at


Melanie Simourd - director of student life

 Melanie is a fourth year Medical Sciences Student who came to Dal from Kingston, Ontario. After spending last year on council as a med sci rep, she is excited to join the executive team as the director of student life. Her goal in this role is to increase student turnout for events and to get people excited about what the DSS is doing. Besides school and the DSS, Melanie enjoys playing sports, going to the gym, and watching Netflix. She is currently obsessed with Bones, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit and any cheesy girlie movie you can think of. Melanie can be reached by email at

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Adele orovec - Director of communication

After spending two years as the director of student life, Adele is moving to the role of director of communications this year with the goal of extending the reach of the DSS, making it more known around campus, and more accessible to everyone. Having grown up in Halifax, Adele is the perfect person to ask what to do in the city; her recommendation: everything and anything you can fit in, but you can’t miss the boardwalk in the summer. As a fourth-year medical sciences student, Adele is passionate about the human body. She is particularly fascinated with how everything works together, and how we can help fix things when they go wrong. If you have any questions for Adele, she can be reached at


Tora Oliphant - Director of public relations

Having enjoyed her role as a SIMS (microbiology & immunology) rep last year, Tora was excited to jump into the role of director of marketing and public relations. In this position she hopes to improve science student awareness of the DSS and the services we provide by creating social media and online content that relays our message to students in an informative and engaging way. Originally from interior British Columbia, Tora came to Dal because of its reputation as a research focused institution. She now spends the time she’s not studying or spamming your Facebook feed, running, knitting, or working in the lab. If you have any questions for Tora, please don’t hesitate to reach out at


kasey moss - chairperson

Kasey is in her fourth year at Dal, having chosen to move away from her hometown of Toronto to participate in the Medical Sciences program. She has been involved in the DSS for a number of years now and is looking forward to a change of pace in her new role as chairperson. Her goal for the year is to run efficient and productive meetings, but she isn’t averse to letting us have a little fun every now and again (although she remains unsold on the need to have the weird owl present at all our meetings). When she’s not busy with school and society commitments Kasey enjoys figure skating, water skiing, and hiking. Kasey can be reached by email at