About The DSS


our mission

The mission of the Dalhousie Science Society is to support the following: Community, Academia and Advocacy. 

Through planning social events and uniting the various departments of the faculty, we aim to create a sense of community for students in the science faculty. 

In supporting opportunities for professional development for students, such as workshops, panels, and providing grant opportunities, we support academia.

Finally, in identifying problems faced by science students, we aim to advocate for students. In the past, we have advocated for support for the Naylor Report, a report which outlined recommendations to the government in supporting scientific research. 


general membership

All Dalhousie Science students are members of the DSS as per DSS Constitution Article IV and assume all rights and responsibilities of the DSS. DSS Constitution Article IV.4: “The purpose of General Meetings is to allow members of the Society to participate in election of Committee Chairs and the Society’s Representatives, as well as approve the finances and become informed on Society goals and objectives.” In accordance with the DSS Constitution Article IV.5.c: “All General Meetings are open to the public, however voting privileges are restricted to members of the Society."

The DSS adheres to the Society Policy, ratifies with the DSU and thus is recognized as an official society of the DSU. This comes with many privileges and responsibilities. The DSS’s authority to represent Dalhousie Science students comes from its constitution (Article II). One of which is to uphold a constitution that adheres to the rules set out in the DSU Society Policy (Section 9).

DSS Council

Consists of representatives from the DSS community as outlined in Article V of the DSS Constitution. DSS Constitution Article XII.6: “The purpose of the Council Meetings is to collectively make decisions about the Society and its functioning and to allow councillors to inform the Society of the activities and projects of their Departmental Societies.” DSS Constitution Article XII.7.c: “All Council Meetings are open to the public, however voting privileges are restricted to members of the Council."