Grant Applications

Since the DSS is committed to supporting student research at Dalhousie, we offer personal and conference grants to students to help make research more accessible.  The funding for the grants comes from the money that the Dalhousie Science Society gets from the Dalhousie Student Union.  Every science students pays a levy to the DSU which is given to us, and allocated to society constituents, grants, events, etc.  A total of 20% of our money goes to grants for science students.

Grants are allocated on a first come first serve basis.  Applications are first reviewed by the VP of Finance and if approved, it is then passed to the Finance and Grants Committee. This committee is composed of the President and Treasurer of each of our departmental level societies, giving the committee a total of 28 voting members. We offer personal grants and conference grants, as outlined below.

Personal Grants: each member shall be allowed a maximum personal grant of $500 for each fiscal year.  The purpose of personal grants is to encourage and support students in endeavours who present Dalhousie based research at Science Conferences or represent Dalhousie in a panel discussion at a Science Conference.  Personal Grants can be used to subsidize the costs of travel expenses, accommodations, and registration fees.  No grant money may be spent on the purchase of alcohol or food.

Conference Grants: Each departmental society is allowed a maximum grant of $1000 for conferences organized by the society or journal publications for each fiscal year.  After the completion of the conference or journal publication, all receipts must be submitted to the society for audit purposes, and all unused grant funding or unaccounted-for money must be returned to the society.  Any money not returned will be removed from the society's next disbursement.

Typical grants that are accepted include presenting at institutional, provincial, national, and international conferences.  Participating in a medical brigade of sorts is not normally funded.  However, if you feel that something is fostering an interest in research and the scientific process, feel free to apply.

To apply for personal or conference grants, please fill out the appropriate sections of the grant application form. If you have any questions at all about your application, feel free to send us an email at